My name is Chris and I’m a graduate from UCSD with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

While I was in UCSD I was struck with an undying obsession with learning and training. How do we learn? Is what we’re doing the best way to learn? What about animals? How do they learn? What do we share in common?

After I left college, I volunteered at a bunch of different shelters. I even started fostering dogs and learned how to train them.  I soon realized that I wanted to study more of the science behind why the training techniques I was practicing was able to work.  Eventually, I started jumping in-and-out of community college classes to keep my knowledge sharp.

Nowadays, I don’t foster as much as I should. But I still have a passion for what allows us to learn, and what helps animals learn. In my time of volunteering, I found there was a lot of misinformation, misconceptions, and even more psuedo-science that seemed to get in the way of people’s understanding of what makes their dog tick.

So, with the hope that I can share some of what I learned and to continue my own journey into the wonders of behavior, I’ve started this blog!

I hope you all enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Posts will hopefully come out every Friday or Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Hi, I do have a suggestions how to change the unsavory status quo. And also food for thought regarding how NATO countries wage war through dogs.


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